The growth and scaling phase of business requires masters of the game to analyze, collaborate and create a strategic approach. This approach will define the systems and processes used to get you to where you are. We will break down what you have and through a structured enviroment, establish a business model that is easy to replicate, scale and grow upon. This process is what put our company on the map. We have helped numerous businesses create strong strategies, systems and processes which have been used to catapult them out of their plateau and into new territories to conquer and thrive in.



6 Phase Premium Branding Process (approx. 60 min / phase):

  1.  Discovery Call
  2.  Brand Attributes 
  3.  Mission Statement & Power Statement
  4.  Brand Marketing Pyramid
  5.  Customer / User Profiles (2-3)
  6.  Company Goals (Revenue, Awareness and Efficiency)


Basic Website Review Video:

  • Page Layout and Structure Review
  • SEO Review
  • Marketing Potential & Landing Page Review
  • Copy Writing Review
  • Analytics Review
  • Critical Errors 
  • Suggestions for Improvement 


Marketing Strategy Consulting:

  • Breakdown of current marketing strategy
  • Breakdown of current lead gen strategy
  • Advice, tips and tricks to improve marketing & lead gen strategies
  • Actionable advice providing purpose, direction and motivation



This package is for people who are serious about their start-up but may not have unlimited bank accounts to buy everything at once. We understand that a lot of us fall in this category and created this package to be the ULTIMATE start-up plan for a low budget option. Our customers understand the importance of doing it right from the beginning and want to invest not only in their image but the image of their new brand.


If you feel like you need more and this is not enough for you then go check out our "EMPIRE GROWTH KIT" Where we cram pack even more unbeatable value into a package this world has never seen before.

The Growth Kit



    Either purchase one of the services here on our website or contact us to schedule a consultation to answer any and all questions you have.

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