• Lindsey Sokoloski

Consistency is key!

What is holding you back from achieving your goals? What limitations have you placed on yourself that halts success and limits growth? This post is for those of you who are ready to take the first step and regain the power over yourself, your life, and even your business. It is no secret that the hardest thing about getting started is taking the first step. It's making a leap of faith and taking action. That first step always seems to be the most intimidating, frustrating, and complicated. Once you take the first step and get the ball rolling, in creeps negative emotions, self-doubt, and inconsistency that's ready to attack the very momentum you just built up.

The great thing about being a previous student athlete and now a project manager is that I completely understand how critical it is to have consistency and rhythm in life. When I was playing softball, I had a set schedule and knew what to expect on what days. I had a consistent routine that I stuck to which helped me manage my time. Now that I am a project manager I have a new routine, but it still helps me with time management and knocking out my to do list. The point is this. Without consistency, there is no chance of achieving your goals or dreams. The only thing inconsistency provides is the inevitable drifting through life with small victories here and there. No notable success has been made without the hard work, dedication, and consistent attempts to achieve the desired end state. Here are five tips on how I found a good consistent routine in my life that allowed me to start achieving my maximum potential.

TIP 1: Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Sometimes having consistency means sacrificing comfort. For example, while I was playing college softball I had to adjust to waking up at 5:30 a.m. for 6 a.m. workouts after I had not done it consistently for a while. This also meant having to adjust to going to bed earlier while still going to class, practice, tutoring, and completing homework. After week two of 5:30 a.m. wake ups, I realized that I actually need to wake up earlier in order to not feel rushed. By week three I was showing up to those workouts sharp, awake, and ready to attack the day. Trust me, having a consistent routine has saved me countless amounts of stress and time. So do yourself and your company a favor… Have a consistent routine when it comes to your daily workflow and processes, it will help tremendously.

TIP 2: Give it some time and remember why

Consistency is not made in a day or even a week. It is said that it takes about 2 months to create a new habit, not 21 days like everyone else says. That myth came from a doctor who noticed that it took people at minimum of 21 days for them them to get used to having an amputated limb. So when you’re trying to become consistent in something such as a sales script or build a new habit such as writing blogs on certain days/ times, don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. Give yourself credit for the attempt and give it another shot. I remember when I first started getting into the habit of making my bed no matter what because my life felt stressed and disorganized. At first it was hard, and I had to stay disciplined. What motivated me though was that I knew what the benefits of that action would be in the long run. Remember the benefits of the new habit and use that as motivation.

Tip 3: Write it out and make a plan

As silly as it sounds, writing down your day is one of the best ways to get into consistent habits. Jim Rohn, a well-known entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker was a huge advocate for check lists. Take some time before you go to bed and write everything out you need to do the next day. Include everything all the way down to when you need to wake up and go to bed. Write out your weekly schedule the same way. As you go throughout your day/ week mark off the items on your list. This will help you get into routines and you will start to become confident in your actions. Customers sense confidence so the more confident you are, the higher chances you have of closing the sale. To this day, me and my husband have a huge dry erase board of what we need to do throughout our days and weeks. We still get a confidence boost when we mark tasks off of our to do list.

TIP 4: Stick to it at all costs

Even when it’s hard stick to it. Even when you don’t want to stick to it, stick to it. In the moment, sticking to habits and staying consistent is hard but it will pay off down the road. For example, scripts are a pain to memorize and are time consuming, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when you nail your script and get a sale from it. You’ll be thanking yourself again when you get that client that wants to pay $100,000 for your services because of how professional you sounded and well prepared you were. Not to mention clients love knowing what to expect. Take a blog for example. If you post at the same time on the same days for months and years, that creates raving fans. I have heard of countless stories of clients becoming upset because someone they follow closely did not post content the day they expected them too.

TIP 5: Adjust as needed

When it comes to getting consistent, do not be afraid to adjust something if it’s not working. Take a big goal and chop it up into tiny goals. For example, let’s say you want to start waking up at 5 a.m. everyday because you’ve gotten into the bad habit of going to bed at 1 a.m. and waking up at 8 a.m. to rush to work. If that looks too intimidating, try going to bed at 12 a.m. and waking up at 8 a.m., then the next week push it back to 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., then by week five, if you follow that schedule, you’ll be going to bed at 8 p.m. and waking up at 5 a.m.. Another example of that would be taking an online training that’s 50 hours long and dedicating 2 hours a day to it no matter what.


Remember, you are always in control of you. In a busy online world that’s constantly changing, staying consistent and in control will help you stand out, achieve more, and finally start being more productive with your efforts. Find what works, stick to it, and never stop improving it!

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