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3 Distractions that Will Destroy Your Website

Updated: May 18

We have all seen those websites. You know, the ones that make you go “why is this here” and “Why are there so many sub-pages I seriously cannot find what I am looking for”. It can be quite frustrating as a consumer when you go to a site that is cluttered and unfocused. Below are three distractions that can make you lose clients, along with the solutions of how to fix them!

1. Irrelevant or too many website pictures

2. Pointless pop ups

3. Too many subcategories on website pages

There have been countless times where I will visit an awesome store or restaurant then visit their website just out of curiosity. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I left a site because of clutter and either went back to that place but did not feel the same no matter how good the experience was or just did not go back at all. Nowadays most people look at the company’s website before visiting the company for credibility. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and this brings me to my first point, website pictures.

1. Irrelevant or too many website pictures:

Pictures are crucial for a website. They are needed to make the site colorful, add emotion, and even display your companies team, products, and services. Too many and irrelevant pictures will either drive people away completely or have them not focused on the right things. It is a delicate balance to say the least, but it is a balance that is most definitely needed. Now, I know what you are thinking, what about photography websites or websites with a lot of creative content? Even they must be strategic about what they put on their sites or else they risk looking unprofessional and unfocused. So, make sure that all pictures have a purpose/ point and make sure there is a balance of words and pictures.

2. Pointless pop-ups or Light-boxes:

Speaking of points, everyone on the web knows that there is a point to those pop ups. Those companies usually want a name and email at the very least so they can flood your mail with awesome deals but have you even seen those pop ups that keep coming up even after you have clicked the “No thanks” or my favorite “I don’t like saving money” button? Being a project manager, I understand how important it is to ask for the sale, but there is a distinct difference between asking for the sale and being desperate. If your website is designed well, there is a high probability that the potential customer will give you that information without you asking through constant pop ups that interrupt their reading. Ask once on a pop up then have an option to fill out a name and email on every main page they visit. At the very least, the potential customer will leave happy knowing that they had a good experience with your website and may even recommend a future customer to your site too. We do not want to downplay the importance of these powerful lead generation tools but do not overdue it or get annoying about it. Your visitors will thank you and become repeat customers.

3. Too many subcategories on website pages

The last and final things that will destroy a website is too many subcategories. These are absolutely needed on some websites but there is a limit to how many categories that you should put. You do not need a subcategory for every single product or service you sell. A customer can get easily overwhelmed if there are too many things to click on. Pay attention to your main products/ services that you sell and work from there to create your subcategories. Subcategories help with website organization and they can make things much easier to find, leaving the customer happy knowing that they found exactly what they needed in a short amount of time.

Overall, it is important that potential customers have a good experience visiting your website even if they do not buy anything. Relevant pictures, well created pop-ups, and simple website subcategories are key to converting visitors in repeat visitors / customers. If you start with these things and do them well enough, those visitors will start to recommend their friends to your site. Before you know it, you will have a list of people that are eager to visit your website and buy your products. Be helpful, be focused, and go get those clients!

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