15 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Updated: Mar 26

Created by Ian Inman

Website standards have dramatically changed for the better in the last 20 years and falling behind this curve could be costly to you and your business. We have listed 8 shocking facts that are reasons to rethink your digital presence, budget, and strategy to get regain currency with modern web standards. There are thousands of businesses who will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a brick-and-mortar location that their immediate population will see, yet, refuse to spend a few thousand dollars on a website which the whole world will see. See if these 8 things are holding your brands credibility and digital presence back.

1.  Poor Customer Experience:

88% of customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience and its simple to understand why. As you can see with the other reasons listed below, all of these point back to the customer having a poor experience and not returning. Do not let vistors go and never return because you are unaware or unsure how to fix your online presence. Contact Rewebbed Inc. and schedule a free consultation to see how we can get you back on track. 

2. It Looks Outdated:

It's not a technologically advanced concept to know whether or not a website is up to modern standards or is outdated and belongs to the first generation of the internet users. Currently as of 2019, it takes the average user .07 seconds to form an opinion about your website. That means now more than ever, an aesthetically pleasing and properly designed website IS the difference between whether or not your visitor stays and potentially becomes a customer or leaves the site and does not return. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website that is not beautifully designed and flows nicely. 

3. It's Not Responsive:

It's no wonder why this made our list when you understand that 85% of adults view websites on their mobile devices. If your website does not have responsive features allowing it to properly be displayed on a mobile device then you are apart of the $2.6 Billion lost in sales per year due to not complying with mobile eCommerce standards. 

4. It Does Not Reflect Your Marketing Strategy:

The centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts are to point interested people towards your website and try to convert them into loyal customers for life. If your website does not reflect your marketing strategy then these curious visitors will leave and remember your brand as a confused company with mixed messages. No one wants this to happen to them so let's make an effort to match your brand style, marketing, and efforts to positively reflect on your website. Generate more leads, obtain new clients, and close more sales by effectively displaying who you are, what you do, and why they need you. Follow this up with a clear and concise call to action they can understand and want. 

5. You Lack Proper Contact Info:

Common, why is this still a thing that we need to discuss in 2019. All websites should have at least one phone number and one email listed for customers and additionally a contact form / subscription form. With the technology we have moving into 2020 for building text and email lists, there is no reason to avoid customers and destroy credibility towards your brand by not clearly allowing them to contact you for good or bad reasons. Be a champion, own your victories and Losses, and create an outstanding customer service program that your clients can be proud of. 

6. There Is No Call-to-Action:

The main reason to point customers to your website is to welcome, educate, and close the sale. Without a clear call-to-action you are missing the final step of closing the sale. We strongly believe in welcoming our visitors, educating and helping them as much as possible, and if they believe in us and we have delivered enough value then closing the sale and giving them a product we believe in and they will too.


7. There is Confusion of Who You Are and What You Do:

75% of visitors will judge the credibility of your business based on your website. With 3 out of every 4 visitors judging you, it is safe to say that any confusion will be a turn off and convert a curious visitor into a pissed off visitor that will be hitting that back button soon. Within the first few seconds on a website it should be clear of who you are and what you do. From there, allow the visitor to judge and determine if your business is right for them. By utilizing proper funnel techniques, educating the visitor, and creating an entertaining experience; the visitor will most likely follow your call-to-action and become a lead for your business. If you are struggling in understanding who you are or what you do, we at Rewebbed Inc. have a worksheet for you to fill out and it will help you gain clarity on who you are and what you represent. Just contact us today and request the free worksheet with a 30 minute no cost consultation. 

8. Not Having Control Over Website Content Posts:

Imagine visiting a website that has no resources, educational content, and no additional value... All they want is your money and provide no insight as to how they plan to help, no blog posts, no podcasts / audio guides, and no vlogs. We are entering 2020 and the ability to teach and help others in any industry is at the tip of our fingers. The only reason as to why a company would not provide value clients is due to lack of website capabilities in which case call us today because you need help and we want to take you to the next level. Pick a platform or a way to share even if it's only one and start providing added value and demonstrating WHY you are the experts in your field and WHY customers need you. 

If you enjoyed this Article and are ready to fix one or more of the 8 things described above then contact us today and let's get you and your brand on the right path. We are passionate about business and seeing our clients succeed. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to determine if we are good fit for each other and have resources to help if you need them. At nothing else, you will be walking away with free resources to start, grow, and scale your business. 

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