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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Strategy + Identity

Strategy + Identity



Our branding process is an intense and in depth way to help any business understand, prioritize and focus on a clear vision. It will help ANY company achieve their goals through strategic planning process. The companies we work with obtain understanding, definition and agreement through our exclusive process. This is a system to establish a foundation and define your brand at any stage of your business.


These are the strategic and foundational phases. We will start with a brief overview of what you are looking for and then move deeper into your culture, core attributes, users, goals, and messaging. These are broken into multiple sessions due to the intensive and deep brainstorming that goes into them. Each phase last around 1.5-2 hours.

Futuristic network shape. Computer gener
Futuristic network shape. Computer gener


This phase is dedicated to design and brand identity. After completing phases 1-6 we now have a full understanding of your brand and are ready to start creating the logo, ID systems, Brand Style Guide, Print & Packing, and if applicable, apparel & promotional items. We have the team and expertise to turn your vision into a reality.


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